About us

Bare Element was created with the belief that no one should have to compromise health & wellness in the name of beauty & self care. We take self care seriously and believe that better care of one’s body is essential for a better balance of mind & spirit and overall well being. We're on a quest to prove that self love starts with healthy choices for your body & mind, and taking time to unwind, relax, and appreciate all the things that make you uniquely beautiful & special. However, we also understand that conscious living takes time and effort, and that many of us don't have spare time in our days to do the necessary research to hunt down the newest products.

So let us do it for you! Every month we hope to bring our subscribers a gorgeous gift of bath, body, & beauty products packaged with lots of love & attention so that you can sit back, relax, and treat your self to healthy luxurious skin care, decadent body products, and bold beautiful makeup all from the convenience of your own home. Each month you will receive a carefully curated gift of 3-5 full or deluxe sized high quality, natural, & always cruelty free products delivered to your doorstep. We are focused on bringing you the healthiest, purest, & most feel good products from new and old brands alike, and hope you join us on this journey of discovery! Most of all we hope this box reminds you to take time to love your self, to be kind and compassionate to all earthly beings, and to slow down and smell the roses once in a while... or in our case soaps, oils, serums, and moisturizers!
Peace & Love,
Bare Element Family